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I am EXTREMELY blessed to be here on earth.

I am EXTREMELY blessed to KNOW that I am here. 

I am EXTREMELY blessed to have been born and raised in

I am EXTREMELY blessed to have been raised in a loving home! 

I am EXTREMELY blessed to have realized the meaning of “Jesus Christ will set you FREE”! 

I am EXTREMELY blessed to have a wonderful family and dear friends. 

I am EXTREMELY blessed to have the health and well-being I have now and in the past. 

I am EXTREMELY blessed to be in love with learning and helping others learn! 

No human, any where, at any time has all the answers to EVERY THING.   

That religion is man made. 

That miracles DO happen!

That no one holds a secret or something I MUST have; especially when I have to PURCHASE it! 

That spiritual truth grows deep within each of us and can be as unique as each of us. 

That TRUE love AND commitment to one another is what makes humanity so wonderful! 

That loss of true love and commitment will mean the end of humanity. 

I am here to learn, to exchange ideas, to help, to promote understanding between human beings that share the earth at the same time as I do.  

In positive, negative, humanity, spirituality, greatness, weakness, change, experience, learning, emotions, LOVE, commitment, living, laughing, creating, high ideals, good, truth, knowledge, evil, the understood, the unknown, THE CREATOR and dancing! 

After 25 years in finance and HR I relished the chance to make a major career change and instill the love of learning in my preschool aged kids. I also have taught them to read and write well above age level while stirring their souls with music, art and imagination. I believe I am giving a great gift to them and their future teachers as well as myself. In the autumn of 2008 my youngest will embark on his formal education in kindergarten. I will be taking that next year to discover what God has in store for me as I begin the search for my third career. My purpose of blogging is to stir my soul, express myself in writing and create a history of thought to leave for my kids and their kids and so on. May the peace of God be with you and your family, now and always.


4 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. Angie said

    Canvas, I remember well when my daughter went to Kindergarten. Call me a sob, I had such mixed emotions. Glad on the one hand and sad on the other. I remember watching her through a window in the door for a few minutes with my heart in my throat.

    Your children have been blessed to have such a Mother as you have been to them.

    I believe God has great things in store for you. You not only stir the souls of your children, you have stirred our souls with your journey.

    God bless you, sweet friend. I miss you but understand very well.

  2. gr8tful said

    Just stopped by to see how you are doing, and to let you know I was
    thinking of you the last few days!! I know you and I both are truly
    blessed and there are only good things coming!! I know things are
    extreamly hard this season for you without dad, but remember he is
    still in your heart and is watching over you each day! He loves you
    with all his being!! HUGS!!

  3. gr8tful said

    Hey my dear friend! I just wanted to stop
    by and let you know I was thinking of you!
    I wish you the best day ever!!

    Sending hugs to you!!!

  4. exemployee said

    Hi. I have been wondering about Angie. Do you know anything. I miss her.

    from the mind of…tina

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