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How This Blogging Stuff Works

The items on the side LEFT are the titles of posts (articles).  On the right column are links to information sites under Linking Brain Cells (i.e. Autism or Snopes).  The Brain Waves are links to fellow bloggers and/or sites that I visit (move your pointer over each name for more detail/description). 

At the top left there is a search box which you can type a word or words to search and pull up posts (articles) containing the word(s).

If you want to make a comment about a particular post, click the title link and then scroll down toward the bottom of the post.  You will see any other comments that have already been made. 

Further down you will see LEAVE A REPLY.

Name  ***use your first name or make up one, no personal identifying info***

Email Address  ***This will not be displayed or made public***

Web Address  ***This is a place for you to leave your website or blog address if you would like to do so; it will be public and shown as a link on your name in the comment***

Then just type in your comment in the box.

Your first comment will be moderated to make sure you aren’t spam (unwanted commercials).  After that you may make comments that will show up after you hit your refresh button (or in Internet Explorer you can press your F5 button).

To play videos from You Tube double click the arrow.

Most of all, explore, search, have fun and enjoy!


5 Responses to “How This Blogging Stuff Works”

  1. Larry in Mechanicsburg said

    Loved the blog! Eventually followed the YouTube link to the Zlotoff commercial parody…funny stuff.

    Keep on keepin-on!

  2. thecanvasgrey said

    Hey Larry!!! Thanks for reading! Hope you and Michele had a terrific Christmas and we’ll get together in 2008!!!

  3. angie said

    Hey friend, do ya mind if I borrow this for my site? I could not say it nearly as well. I will trackback the link to ya if it is o.k.

  4. Sure thing Ang!!!

  5. Mercedes said

    I was thinking the same thing~a link back on how this blog stuff works-I am running out of room for any new pages-lol!

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