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The Grand Scheme of Things

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on January 5, 2010

Oh Mother of God! Oops…will I get in trouble for that funny???? Did God make humor? The details of it all, the fighting over the details. Find it funny…laugh, find it offensive… move on. There is a HUGE space out there and NO ONE can wrap their head around it all. Take the good where you get it and be happy. Take that good and help OTHERS be happy (WIN-WIN). Are there books that are inspired by God, yes…every word…doubtful. Religion is inspired by God and man handled. This too is one opinion, from one unique individual to other unique individuals with much in common. Peace!


2 Responses to “The Grand Scheme of Things”

  1. Lofter said

    Ah, to be considered a unique individual, among others with much in common… yes, indeed! God did make humor, otherwise we wouldn’t fart! And, as you said, some find it funny and laugh, others, offensive and move on. I choose to laugh, remembering one of the lessons my dear mother lifted from Reader’s Digest – laughter is the best medicine!
    And, since I’m throwing my two cents worth in, let me add my agreement regarding religion. It was indeed inspired by God, but isn’t what we’re supposed to aspire to. The life we each have with God consists of only two beings – us and God. There is no one else inside that circle. And it doesn’t require religion at all, much to the chagrin of the pulpit, but only our commitment to relationship.
    Happy new year! Peace and prayers!

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