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Fear…No Fear?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 28, 2009

My greatest fear isn’t H1N1 or an asteroid or 2012… My greatest fear is we are being programmed TO fear. Discretion is an under used word!

The Canvas Grey


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Cahoots or Conspiracy Part Trois!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 1, 2008

Original post:  Cahoots or Conspiracy?

Follow up post:  Cahoots or Conspiracy Part Deux

The saga continues:

Oh so much to catch up on, Obama gets support of the entire Kennedy clan, liberal left endorses Obama.  Hillary can’t control Bill?!?  People are dropping out of the race like flies BEFORE “Super Tuesday” and can we just cut to the chase please. 

***rolling eyes***

The Dems have made history already and America is still itching to make some more history.  The best the Repubs can offer will be two “old school” men (sorry to disappoint but I don’t think Paul and Huck can hang much longer) so that leaves them out of history making possibilities.  

So it boils down to the Dems.  Since their policies are already left wing all the other factors would come into play; personality, likability, the favored, the beloved, strong, either a black man or a white woman. 

Although Obama is handsome and charismatic it would be a miracle to overcome this former president’s spouse.  After all Bill is equally charismatic and handsome to some (obviously not me).  😉  And as painful as it is to write this, there is still too much bigotry in this world/America (from all sides) to hope against hope that a black person could hold this office…just yet…I do believe (KNOW) it will be in my lifetime.  Plus his name is Obama…dag nab the fates! 

So the only conclusion THIS grey canvas can come to is that Hillary is our first woman President who is also married to a former President. 

Obama will continue to be popular…maybe Vice Pres. or the first black Pres. but definitely not against THE CLINTONS, not in 2008.  Make no mistake, Hillary and Bill are running together (no matter what they say in public).  There is an historic legacy to obtain, and they will by God.  The Kennedys were a diversion. 

Do you feel like a pawn?  It’s okay, we will soon take up our knight and bishop status it just won’t be for another 8 to 12 years but we (the people) will get the power back!

I’m done now.  😉

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Who really has the POWER?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 15, 2007

Is it you or the person who has your ear? 

Is it the people who make the money or the people who have the money you make? 

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Cahoots or Conspiracy Deux

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 6, 2007

Just in case anyone missed the latest duck, duck, goosing in politics.  Here is my original post. 

Update November 26, 2007

***Oprah will campaign for Obama*** 

Update December 2, 2007

***Rove leaves the kiss of death for Obama making the way easier for Hillary to reach the oval office!  Do you really think he is trying to HELP Obama?  Funny that Rove writes this shortly after Oprah’s announcement.***

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