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Walmart, Claire’s, et. al. STOP SELLING TOXIC KIDS STUFF!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on January 13, 2010

I can hardly believe there is more stuff being sold from China with cadmium, another toxic metal. Cadmium is even more toxic than lead, which was found in kids toys from China and asbestos was found in some clay products awhile back.

I say it is time to hold the stores that are selling this stuff accountable PERIOD.

Read more here:


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Toy Recall List LEAD! ASBESTOS!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 29, 2007

Here is the place to get MOST of the toys recalled for lead and other reasons:

However, yesterday I just happened to hear that asbestos (WHAT?) has been found in some regular everyday consumer products including DUCT TAPE and TOYS (for heaven’s sake)!  We have the Art Skills’ Clay Bucket and it has been wrapped up and put away but the damage may already have been done.  Asbestos related illness doesn’t generally show up until 20 to 30 years later.  I’m flippin’ MAD! 

artclayasbestos.jpg  clayasbestos2.jpg   csi-kit.jpg

These are the articles about the asbestos products:

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Toys from China, lead, autism, connection?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 21, 2007

I’ve been wondering and wondering when I was going to find an article, blog, someone in the media to point out the obvious ….

 AUTISM….TOYS with lead from CHINA…..CONNECTION???????

Ding, ding, ding, ding



Okay, don’t beat up on me…this is a bit of tongue in cheek…but not many out there are writing about this.

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