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Bah Hum Bird!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 24, 2009

So let me get this straight…I have to get up at 1am Thursday morning to start the big bird, go back to bed at 2am and then wake up on the hour to baste until 5am and then start preparing 20 side dishes, 2 pies, 2 cakes…all between one oven and a small microwave, set the table to look like something from Martha Stewart’s Living, look like I stepped out of Vogue as I serve it…then do two loads in the dishwasher whilst washing all the big stuff which puts me at about 1am Friday morning and then I’m supposed to get up at 4am and stand in line to shop in over crowded stores for bargains whilst everyone else watches football games and marathon TVLand episodes????

BAH HUM BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!

What I REALLY want is my own reality show just to get this documented!


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Escape and Release Your Gifts!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 8, 2009

Please don’t be so hard on yourself, others aren’t (at least people that really matter)!

Most of us struggle with self-consciousness issues. We can’t let that stop us!

I could name several people (who aren’t so nice) that are successful and put themselves out there all the time on TV and film. And then there are really nice people who give uplifting information and try to help (aka Oprah, if that end of the spectrum helps).

Those who know us know what we look like and still like or love us for the people we ARE!

Look at everyone around you that speaks well of you. bending over backwards to do so at times.  There is a large positive ripple effect there, why not be the stone that causes the ripple.

If all anyone cared about was what a person looked like then yikes, we’d all be like Hollywood…ick…what a depressing world that would be.  Picking each other apart instead of building each other up or working together.

Focus and capitalize on your strengths and forget about (what you perceive as) weaknesses…everyone wins that way! Why? You win and the people around you win because you share with them your gifts instead of coddling them in self-consciousness.

Sending love and good thoughts, Debi

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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 29, 2008

Some weeks are just more hectic than others…and I’m thankful for it.

s2400061.jpgLast week included replacing a hot water heater. Thanks to Hungry Hubby it was done in less than four days and cost $400 less than any estimate.  Thanking God it happened AFTER Easter dinner (literally right after dishes were done) AND that we live in a time when we have hot water coming straight to a faucet near you!

I’m finally taking a moment to review our Easter weekend in pictures.  Colored Easter eggs, chocolate covered Easter eggs and dinner with my first souffle.

 s2400012.jpg  s2400008.jpg  s2400013.jpg  s2400014.jpg

  s2400016_edited.jpg        s2400022_edited.jpg



Giving thanks every day!    

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I’m a spiced nut!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 21, 2007


My Christmas tradition for about 24 years now is making SPICED WALNUTS or SPICED PECANS or both.  Pop some into a tin or decorative jar and it is a nice gift for anyone. The smell will bring you delights for days!

The BEST thing about this recipe is that I’m giving you the basic recipe and then you can tweak it to your own taste.  I imagine you could do this with most nuts. 

1 1/2 cups your preferred nut for spicing (about 6 ounces)

1/2 cup of white sugar

1/2 cup of water

1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon ground clove

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in a heavy skillet (non-stick or well seasoned) over medium med-heat and heat to boiling stirring constantly until ALL the liquid is evaporated, nuts are coated and sugary.  Transfer to a non-stick cookie sheet and break apart while still warm.  Let cool and enjoy.

MY TIP:  I prefer to put all the dry ingredients (NOT the nuts) into the pan, add the water and boil until beginning to thicken THEN add the nuts.  I do this because the nuts remain crisp (is that the right word, ha) as opposed to soggy. 

Play with the spices until you find the right mix for your taste!


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Gearing up for gluttony!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 20, 2007

I’ve never noticed so many gloomy faces during the most festive time of year.  Maybe because I’m paying attention.  A nice smile on my face is met with pert lips and a quick glance away. 

Why?  Why are so many  running around with such gloomy faces?  Are they on a sugar induced crash from tasting too many of their Christmas treats they made last weekend?  Are their pants too tight?  Are they in the midst of the financial strain (been there done that)?  Then it dawned on me…they are starving themselves!  Gearing up for the gluttony that will begin this coming weekend!

I’ve already warned Hungry Hubby that we are going to tone it down this year on the goodies.  I’ve only made some banana bread (frozen) and my traditional spiced nuts (hidden).  I had made oatmeal raisins but um…they are gone with the wind.  Surprise! Surprise!  That is why I’ll wait until this weekend to make one more item that I know won’t keep very long. 

My last item will be the least healthy but more into the Christmas tradition.  Some people call them Russian Teacakes or Danish Christmas cookies, others call them Mexican Wedding cookies, we call them YUMMY!  I like to put food coloring into the mix for white, green and red (although it looks pinkish) with a healthy dose of powdered sugar over top. 

Here is a peek at my spiced nuts (pecan). 


I also do walnut but prefer pecan because they hold up better and look pretty.

These are SUPER easy and I’m going to share the recipe in my next post. 

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The importance of listening to your body

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 18, 2007

I’ve been busy compiling some information to share in the new year about health (since that is when we all think about it, AFTER the big gorgefest) and came across something that is worth a look by EVERYONE.  I’ve got the links to the articles listed.  I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed if you read this information. 

 What your body is trying to tell you:

Hair  (I’d LOVE for my hair to gray like that)

Nails   (I thought I knew about nails…well apparently not everything)

Tongue  (a little tongue hair never hurt anyone)

Urine   (people of middle age…unite!)

Bowel Movements  (MUST READ, especially if you suspect your child has a problem)

Sally Wadyka for MSN Health & Fitness wrote these and did an excellent job.  Quick, consice information about a look at the overall health of your body. 


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Combating Autism Act of 2006, The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 3, 2007

After a good healthy step away from my last post and thinking it all through (here is another article) I think the inclusion of people who believe that vaccines have something to do with autism on the committee would be helpful.  Actually, I would be suspicious of a committee that DID NOT include people with this view.  

Here’s what else I think in no particular order: 

I don’t think anything should be over looked or underestimated, whether genetic or environmental. 

I think it is (thankfully) about time to have this type of study completed.

I think it would benefit the committee to investigate more than just this particular group of children.  However I’m thankful it is nationwide and relatively comprehensive from what I’ve read.

I’m more than thrilled that there seems to be a diversity of individuals within the committee including an adult autistic person (autistic adults are a wonderful resource). 

I think there is a genetic disposition whether it is a combined set of specific genes or a recessive gene that has been magnified from an environmental source.

I think there is some type (not Celiac Disease) of nutritional or digestive problem that is symptomatic of those who are on the autistic spectrum OR an indicator of those who have a recessive gene OR the vaccines may play a roll in exacerbating digestive problems of those with this gene.

I think autism is a web which may take us decades to unravel completely, if ever.

What do you think? 

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Let’s come together to accept, treat and solve the autism puzzle!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 20, 2007

This segment from Larry King Live about autism is a SHINING example of how we can come together to help each other and those we love.  What echos in my mind over and over again is that autism can be as unique as the individual. 

Even in our case Big Boy has some classic autism such as flapping and fixating but exhibits concern for others, looks at you and initiates conversation (albeit limited). 

I feel extremely blessed because I didn’t stop at the first pediatrition that said, “Let’s wait, we don’t want to give him a label.” Labels, smables we all have our life battles to fight. 

I believe with all my being that early intervention is truly the key to opening the door of communication for a child who is autistic.  The door may be talking; but if not then sign language, keyboarding, music, singing, blinking, tapping, humming, drawing, rocking, flapping…a smile. 

They seek connection just like we all do.  I don’t always have the right words to say or how exactly to say them or even express every emotion I have in a given time.  Possibly that is more common for my son and those like him;  seeking the way, trying to find a way to communcate from a different place in the world than the rest of us.  He/they have my heart!

CNN link:

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When you suspect autism…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 20, 2007



FIND HELP!  – I suggest finding a certified neurodevelopmental pediatrician.





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The laundry list of things that MIGHT cause AUTISM

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 15, 2007

The list is generalized.  They are in no particular order.  These are things I’ve read, heard or thought about over the course of seven years.  Some may make you laugh and others you will ponder; Google the words with the word autism to see what you find.

Please feel free to add your own in the comments!

Vaccines – combinations or one or too early in development.

Genetics – mutation, specific combination, defect, mutations from atom bomb detonations.

Virus – measles, unknown brain virus.

Bacteria – unknown bacteria that invades systems either during pregnancy or after birth.

Evolution – a growing number of voices banning together to who believe this is an evolutionary change in our human biology.

Poisoning – Chemical compounds from Teflon or Scotch guard, prenatal vitamins (overdose of a specific vitamin), genetically altered foods and/or artificial sweeteners, chemicals used on crops to control pests, previous use of marijuana, drug abuse. 

Modern Technology – Microwave, electromagnetic, radio waves or electricity or harnessing these energies and concentrating them from tower to tower/home to home, delivery system of water through pipes, plastic compounds, epoxies used in food cans or carpets, building supplies, acrylic dust.

Others – Jaundice prone babies.

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MEG Could Help Unlock Autistic Minds

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 3, 2007


There has been quite a bit of buzz about pediatricians learning the early signs of autism so it could be detected around the age of two.  I could go into a long winded discussion about how it is ABOUT TIME…but I won’t TODAY!  😉

Doctors may be learning another way of detecting exactly what is or isn’t going on in the brain as it relates to autism or spectrum disorders.  Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is showing doctors what works or doesn’t work in the autistic brain (our beautiful grey canvas).  The child discussed in this article is similar to my son so I’m interested in how this may develop.  

There is no doubt we are making strides and learning about this mysterious issue.  I still think we have a very long, long way to go.  This science is still in an infancy of sorts; we may be trying to uncover something that could be as unique as each of us. 

I’m just glad that the awareness factor has increased 10 fold since the Jenny McCarthy declaration of “cure” debacle unfolded.  I THINK she has meant well however I’ve read some other moms aren’t so happy about it, AT ALL. 

If you have young children please make yourself aware (in general) of milestones they should be hitting and checking out unusual behaviour as early as possible.  I am truly convinced that early intervention can only HELP! 

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The Faces of Autism – Learn, Grow, Glow!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 15, 2007

New Video Glossary from Autism Speaks!

 Awareness!!!!!!  Thank you Autism Speaks!

Autism Speaks has provided a wonderful resource for those of you who are wondering what autism can look and sound like in very young children.  This is especially helpful when one is unsure about non-classic signs of autism. 

Here is a direct link to the glossary:

or click the link at left for Autism Speaks

 There is so so much that is completely unknown about autism.  WE NEED RESEARCH!

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DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB…….DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 9, 2007

 DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB…….DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I want this to stand out from my other posts?  YES!

Now available TUMS FOR KIDS!!!!   


I realize that companies out there want to get kids on the bandwagon as early as possible so they can GAIN BRAND LOYALTY for a LIFETIME.  BUT give me a BREAK!!!!!!


Before one rushes out to buy this product PLEASE think about what a child that needs TUMS is eating to cause the need for this OTC MEDICATION!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used Tums (as an adult over 40) on occasion and they were effective for a short term solution (that evening).  However, I could never use up the huge bottles they come in now.  (Can you say popping them like CANDY?) I sure couldn’t find the little rolls they used to come in either…wonder why?  HMMM???

I must ponder some questions:

Are drug companies targeting our kids?

Are we ready to put our kids on the road to dependence? 

Are drug companies about greed these days?

Can’t we remove the cause of THIS type of symptom (in most cases) by changing the diet?

Something to think about and be aware of so we aren’t DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB….DUMB!!!!!

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Autism and Gluten Free Diet Is this a cure?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 22, 2007

 A CURE?  No, not in every situation BUT keep in mind that some people have stomach and bowel problems and others have a disease (which may be genetic) called Celiac.  With Celiac disease glutens harms the villus in the small intestine which causes a lack of vitamin absorption or none at all.  This begins the cycle of malnutrition and can be linked to developmental issues, obviously.  

It could be that many doctors are diagnosing children with Celiac disease as autistic (or on the spectrum) and then when the diet is changed the children improve and are deemed cured.  It is possible that autistic children could have a variation of this disease and that removing the gluten helps.  Whatever the reason, if your child is not making developmental strides or you deem something not right it certainly CAN NOT HURT to try a gluten free diet to see it your child’s nutrition is playing a role in their development!

Doctors don’t know everything about everything, which is why they are in “practice.”  It benefits EVERYONE to do research and share information to help the doctors find out what is happening.  We need to find the patterns.  Taking an active part makes us stronger and benefits our kids and their kids and so on.

Also consider allergies to foods that may be triggering developmental problems.  Not everyone can tolerate anything and everything ingested in whatever qualities they desire or believe they need.  We know there are people who can’t tolerate any peanuts or milk; there can be variations in the scale of no tolerance versus complete tolerance. 

For more information on Celiac disease see this link:

Nutrition:  or

Let’s be engaged and connected so we can help doctors find out what is happening and help one another, our children and our grandchildren!!!

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